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Give Your Water Super Powers with Liver & Gallbladder ND

Liver and gallbladder congestion are common symptoms of our American lifestyles and have serious consequences on our well-being. Sedentary lives in front of a screen (computer, tv, etc.) consuming toxins from industrially produced processed “foods” and many other modern lifestyle choices tax this critically dynamic duo effecting a variety of important functions from digestion to energy levels and detoxification. A big part of the liver's job is to help the body secrete toxins - both ingested and those that are produced as a byproduct of normal metabolic functioning. This dynamic organ can, however, get overwhelmed if we are not properly nourished and supported.
Thankfully, there are many ways to strengthen your body and specifically your liver.  One of my favorite approaches to relieving the burden of liver congestion is, of course, through acupuncture.  Before I became an acupuncturist, I suffered from a severe case of chronic liver qi (energy) stagnation (congestion), common in those who suffer from a host of health ailments.  With persistence and assistance from my own acupuncturist, I was able to move through this dark period of my life.  This experience taught me of the importance of the tools I have come to depend upon in my own health and the health of clients.  For instance, I now regularly utilize specific acupuncture points along the Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, and Kidney channels to help folks burdened by a congested liver.  Regular acupuncture treatments in conjunction with carefully chosen supportive supplements and other lifestyle recommendations has people feeling so much more vibrant, healthy, and balanced.
Our gallbladder functions as a storage vessel for bile produced in the liver.  Your body is triggered to release small amounts of bile as needed to digest fats when we consume fatty foods.  When we don't consume healthy fats, the bile is not secreted and can stagnate in the gallbladder.  I'm also seeing more and more patients with gallbladder pain and hearing continuous stories about how their doctors told them they will require surgical removal of the gallbladder.  This irreversible path is caused by a build up of 'gunk' (sand, sludge, or fully formed gallstones) which can usually be flushed out if only we encourage the natural flow for this valued though misunderstood organ. I recommend that folks who are able, those not in an acute, life-threatening gallbladder attack, try a non-invasive option before opting for surgical removal of the organ. I know several folks who have saved their precious gallbladders by judiciously utilizing castor oil packs. Though castor oil packs are a topic for another article, you can purchase castor oil and wraps for castor oil packs from my office as well.  In addition to restorative acupuncture treatments mentioned above, some favorite top products I have come to regularly rely on for patients who are suffering with these issues are Premier Research Laboratory's Liver ND and Gallbladder ND. Even those of us without active symptoms, but whose lifestyles are still taxing our detox systems can benefit from these mild and supportive formulas as a once a year tune up.

Premier Research Laboratory's ND formulas use the power of fermentation to make the healing elements of the herbs they contain more easily assimilated by your body. The plant extracts in these formulas, including detoxifying herbs like milk thistle, anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric, and gallstone-dissolving gold coin grass, are thus more gentle and effective than the average herbal tinctures because of the probiotics they contain. I became a big fan of these products after I and my patients who use them report consistent glowing testimonials.  Most often I hear of patient's experiencing an increased sense of well-being, increased and sustained energy, less brain fog, regular bowel movements and improved digestion. This is a big difference from your standard liver cleanse or detox supplements, which can produce some pretty severe, uncomfortable, and sometimes unnecessarily harsh and even harmful side effects.
I recommend you shake these liquid supplements gently and add the recommended dose to your hydrating beverage of choice to enhance the gentle detoxification effects of both the fluids and the herbs.  Then, as you sip your drink throughout the day, you'll also be getting a sustained dose of these nourishing herbal formulas. This is another way to minimize excessive stress on an already burdened body, as the small intake over time is tolerated by most patients, even those who are severely ill. Many people can follow the directions on the bottle and start with a daily dose of 1/2 teaspoon of each supplement. As always, I recommend that readers with serious chronic health conditions come in to see me to make a plan for starting new supplements, but Liver and Gallbladder ND are so gentle that I almost never see folks experiencing adverse reactions with the initial adjusted dosing I recommend.
If you'd like to purchase these supplements through my office, please contact us by email at or call 541-326-8952 and let us know how much you'd like.  Then we can make a plan for you to come in to pick them up at a time that is convenient for you, either on a day when I'm in my office, or I can leave them at Organic Elements Spa's front desk for you to pick up 7 days a week, any time the spa is open (in which case, please bring a check or cash with exact change for payment).


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