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Summer Waters offers Acupuncture and Nutrition Counseling including Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Consultations, as well as top herbs and supplements. Summer serves patients from around the world via internet and telephone consultations, and face to face in her office in Medford, in the heart of Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gift certificates available! Summer's offerings can help you...

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Schedule a new patient consultation, follow up sessions, or purchase Gift Certificates with Summer by calling 541.326.8952, by emailing, or by using our contact form.

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Nutritional Therapy

"The food you eat can either be

the safest and most powerful form of medicine

or the slowest form of poison."

~Ann Wigmore

The first visit with Summer can last up to two hours.  It begins with a comprehensive history-taking, identifying areas of imbalance and dis-ease in your system.  Summer will then offer you suggestions for lifestyle modification, dietary changes, and supplementation that are realistic, nourishing and can be transformative to your health. Her advice may challenge what you thought you knew about nutrition, and can open your eyes to why the healthy diet you have been trying to maintain isn't working for you.  Summer's nutritional philosophy is heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, and Summer is the Chapter Leader of the non-profit Rogue Valley Weston A. Price Foundation chapter.

Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

The essential element of GAPS is the connection between the health of the gut and the health of the whole system. For a deeper look at how Summer can help you heal mentally and physically using the GAPS protocol, including the amazing list of conditions that can be alleviated, click here to visit the GAPS page.


Summer provides a range of nutritional supplements that she has researched extensively as a service to her patient and the community.  Her Wellness Shop product lines include: the Green Pastures Products, Premier Research Labs, Magnetic Clay, OraWellness and more.  These supplements are part of the dietary principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the GAPS protocol.  Summer's hand-picked selection of top nutrition books are also available. Contact to request products.

Schedule a new patient consultation, follow up sessions, or purchase Gift Certificates with Summer by calling 541.326.8952, by emailing, or by using our contact form. The best way to stay connected to Summer's practice is to sign up for the Savor Your Health newsletter in the green box to the right.

Patients who are able to visit Summer in person are able to receive her most comprehensive form of care.  Following your nutritional consultation, you will receive a comprehensive physical evaluation you using the non-invasive pulse taking and tongue diagnostic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and your treatment will be tailored to the areas of concern that have come up during the consultation and exam. Summer is always looking for ways to maximize the benefits of your time on the table, and her treatment draws from the following modalities, based on the individual needs and desires of each patient:


Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body. This process stimulates movement of energy within the body, allowing natural healing to take place. Acupuncture originated in China over 3,000 years ago. Acupuncture helps to prevent illness by improving the overall functioning of the body’s immune and organ systems.

Although acupuncture is not yet fully understood by Western science, with modern technology scientists can now actually begin to “see” the body’s response to acupuncture. For example, using an MRI (a very sophisticated x-ray), researchers have shown that when a needle is inserted at specific acupuncture points on the body, corresponding changes occur in the brain.

In the West, acupuncture is most well-known for its ability to relieve pain, and so the majority of research thus far has been done in this area. Acupuncture points are now believed to stimulate the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to release pain-relieving chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain. Acupuncture may also stimulate other chemicals to be released by the brain, including hormones that influence the self-regulating system of the body, as well as digestive and other organs.  By supporting our natural ability to build and maintain health, acupuncture is an incredible resource both on its own and in conjunction with western medicine and other modalities.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)

CES is FDA approved to treat pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia.  A small padded clip is attached to each ear and a microcurrent too small to be felt by the patient runs through the head.  The results are surprisingly pronounced and immediate; patients begin to relax deeply, and this deep relaxation allows the body to more fully receive the benefits of acupuncture treatment, while also benefiting from CES as a stand-alone treatment.


The sense of smell is one of the most evocative senses, and aromatherapy uses this to the advantage of the patient.  For interseted patients, Summer will choose a specific essential oil for you to inhale or to be applied to specific acupuncture points during the treatment.  With the addition of aromatherapy, your acupuncture treatment will be enhanced, promoting relaxation, and increasing physical and psychological well-being.

Far Infrared (FIR) Heat Therapy

FIR energy is beyond the spectrum of visible light, but can be felt by the body as warmth. The sun and our own bodies generate FIR. Using her FIR heat lamp, Summer is able to apply far infrared heat to the area of the body that will be most beneficial to you during your treatment.  FIR stimulates circulation, promotes healing of injuries, aids in muscle relaxation, reduces nervous tension, boosts the immune system, and more. Plus, it feels good!

Rogue Valley Weston A. Price Foundation (RV WAPF)

The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is a nonprofit that disseminates the research and teachings of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price. Price’s studies of isolated non-industrialized people determined optimum characteristics of human diets.  As the Volunteer Chapter Leader for the Rogue Valley Weston A. Price Foundation (RV WAPF) Chapter, Summer hopes to see you at RVWAPF meetings and events! Sign up below to stay up to date on what RV WAPF is up to.