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I am incredibly honored to help so many people recover their health. It is amazing to watch as individuals come to me sick and depressed, convinced that nothing can be done or that they are doomed to a life filled with pain and medications and see them take back their health.

I want to share some stories from my clients about the healing power of acupuncture, nutrition, and other health-giving protocols I utilize. Hearing how their lives have been transformed nourishes my soul as I hope reading about their experiences nourishes yours and gives you hope that you too can overcome your health challenges.  I am here for you when you're ready.

If you are already working with me, and you want to share your success story with the world, click here to download my testimonial form.  Once you have downloaded the form to your computer, you can fill it out and print it or you can save the filled-out form and send it to me as an email attachment.  Thank you!

~Summer Waters, LAc, NTP, CGP 


What Summer's Patient Have To Say...

"Summer is a caring, focused practitioner. As a result of her work I feel that I have a much increased gut intelligence that enables me to make much better decisions…but also helps me understand what’s happening inside my stomach when I have been cut off from it for decades. I especially appreciate the powerful combination of nutritional guidance, the GAPS Protocol, and Chinese medicine that have been combined to help me make quicker progress."

~Jay Golden
Ashland, OR 


"..for the first time since I became ill, I am symptom-free most of the time, sleep through most nights, no longer have restroom urgency, use the restroom once a day (instead of dozens of times a day), have regained my brain function, and am now the CEO of a software development company!"

"I am now 99% symptom-free!  I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012.  I was anemic from blood loss, was in the restroom dozens of times a day, had ‘brain fog’ that prevented me from doing much work, and was waking up every hour throughout the night.  The prescription medicine I was given could never make we well again, so I began researching alternatives.  I began the GAPS diet and saw some improvement.  In 2013, I sought out the help of Summer Waters and began regular nutritional counseling and acupuncture treatments.  Right away she made a small adjustment to my diet that brought about improved well-being and within 5 weeks I slept through an entire night without waking up!
At that point, I was still far from healthy, had brain fog, and still woke up multiple times most nights, but was convinced to push on.  I have continued the regular appointments for the nutritional counseling and acupuncture.  It is now 5 years later and for the first time since I became ill, I am symptom-free most of the time, sleep through most nights, no longer have restroom urgency, use the restroom once a day, have regained my brain function, and am now the CEO of a software development company!  I just got back from a full day of airplane flights without ever giving a second thought about restrooms!

Summer has assisted me in regaining my lost health, something that traditional medicine told me was impossible.  She has my hearty recommendation!" :-)

~David B., Grants Pass, OR
IBD/Ulcerative Colitis

"Summer is AMAZING!!"  

"I have been a firm believer of acupuncture since I was a little girl and received a treatment from a Japanese gymnastics coach who worked on my ankle after twisting it. I have had numerous sessions done by different specialists after that and throughout my life. I started suffering from excruciating lower back pain approximately 3 years ago and in order to not get surgery I have opted to continue with my acupuncture. While I have been successful in relieving my back pain nobody has been able to do what Summer has done for me. 
When I went to see her the first time I had not had a treatment for awhile due to moving from another country and had not found somebody in this area. The first treatment went very well and I was very pleased so I decided to continue with her. Between the first and second treatment I was working very hard in my home moving in and rearranging furniture and my back took a turn for the worst. When I went to see Summer again I could hardly move. She was very shocked to see me in such agony and was very concerned with my condition.
To say that after that session I was in no pain would not be an exaggeration. The way she focused on all areas of my body and tuned in to what I was feeling and going through at that moment was amazing! As I mentioned I have seen numerous specialists and while they have all been great, Summer is AMAZING!! I have been seeing Summer now weekly for two months and I have not had any back pain at all. The greatest thing is that I have continued lifting and moving furniture and boxes around and have even been able to start walking every morning again! 

~Gloria T., Owner of Bed and Breakfast, Medford, OR


"I am so impressed with how she connects the dots, in that amazing mind of hers! Summer supports me emotionally, physically and nutritionally!"

 "I was going to have to move out of the Valley because of the air quality. I committed to seeing Summer weekly and I have not had breathing issues in over 2 ½ years!!!! I refer to her before I make my way to a Doctor or ND. I am so impressed with how she connects the dots, in that amazing mind of hers! Creating the most effective treatment that I need THAT DAY! It’s never the same protocol, everything is customized for me. Summer supports me emotionally, physically and nutritionally!"

~Tamara Miller, Owner of Organic Elements Spa, Medford, OR 

"...I felt relief immediately after the first acupuncture session and experienced true healing overall, with no return of the problem since."

"I had never experienced acupuncture before, but HAD witnessed severe, life-changing damage caused by conventional medicine. Consequently, when I recently suffered an acute gastrointestinal problem I had no desire to seek help from the usual urgent care options. I called Summer in the midst of severe pain, just in the small hope that she would be able to offer me some kind of relief, but thinking she would most likely refer me to an ER or urgent care elsewhere.
Man, did she come through for me! She not only assured me she could help, but offered me simple remedies to try until she could see me, which was much sooner than I ever expected.
I felt relief immediately after the first acupuncture session and experienced true healing overall, with no return of the problem since. Summer made me feel truly cared for and comforted, which is exactly what you want, and need, in such an experience. I'll be returning for any other needs that arise and highly recommend her as a compassionate, skilled healer."

~Kathy Ward, Talent, OR
Gastroparesis (GP), an acute gastrointestinal problem causing severe pain


"Summer Waters creates a safe and well thought out treatment plan in conjunction with the patient, allowing for psychological, intellectual, and spiritual input, thus creating a healing environment on all levels.  Summer will help you achieve maximum health since she truly cares about your well-being and has great ethics.

She is able to meet my actual needs on multiple levels even though I was extremely sick when I started treatment with her. I have always been welcomed to be an active participant in my care with Summer (as compared to several of the doctors I've worked with who were not able to do this). I love how cooperative and patient centered she is in her approach to health care!  Summer creates a supportive spiritual container, which is really important for me and I feel confidence and trust in her intelligent, logical approach to healing.  Summer is such a bright and nurturing sweetheart!" 

~Michelle Thelen-Steere, Ashland, OR



“When I first came to your office I was quite burned out on the flavor of “health care” I had been receiving.  You (Summer) have steadily pointed me in a direction I am much more comfortable with and to others with whom I feel an affinity with in things pertaining to diet and health.  But much more than the knowledge I have gained through you and the benefits from the treatments I have received, your genuine care and interest in me as a human being has meant more than anything else.  Please receive my heartfelt thanks and gratefulness…You are precious to us.”

~James K., Ashland, OR


"We have LOTS of successful, caring, up-to-date, practitioners in the valley. But Summer is at 'the top of the heap.' And I SOOO appreciate her engagement and leadership with community issues."

~Kindler Stout, 71 years old, Ashland, OR


"I became very ill in 2011. All medical tests done in Texas 2011 through 2013 indicated I had a heart issue and eight immune system diseases (lupus, Sjogrens, Wehgners, anti cardio lipid issues and rheumatoid arthritis to name some). In March and April 2016 I was retested in Bend, OR. I received a glowing report and my first normal EKG since 2011. My heart calcium screening showed 0% plaque score and my heart and coronary arteries are consistent with that of a healthy 30 year old who has no heart disease. The rheumatoid tests showed no anti cardio lipids and only markers for the immune system diseases -- no full blown disease. I attribute this change to Summer.

July 4th of 2012 Summer was kind enough to meet me and start me on the path to improved health. She started me on the GAPS diet and on Prescript Assist and BioSuperFood F1. I went through a major detox and gut rebuild from then through today. At first it was difficult -- rashes, sweats, muscle tremors, stomach issues and chemical stench as I sweated out the fat-retained chemicals. She also recommended baking soda or minerals (similar to Epsom salts on steroids) to soak in. These all were a huge help. I am much improved and continue to improve as time rolls on.

There are times I have broken my diet and had sugar and boy howdy did my body make me pay for it -- lots of aches and pains. I know the diet is tough, however it works. If you backslide, just suck it up and start over. The day will come when you can eat sourdough bread or sprouted wheat. You will learn to make the broths and foods you need to prepare. The cookbooks recommended will guide you and in time your body craves the correct foods. Utilize the fermented foods summer recommends and do as I have -- eat them on a daily basis."

~Maggie Davis, Rancher, Bly, OR & Sonora, TX


"You should have me as your poster child! The list of improvements is huge:  no injuries in soccer, better stamina, chronic shoulder pain better, no cracking skin on finger tips, happier, no sinus infection so far."

~Dave Munson, Ashland, OR


"I experience a pretty serious 'needle phobia.' Whether getting an injection or having an acupuncture session, I have to jump through a lot of mental hoops to keep calm.
I've had many acupuncture sessions with several practitioners over the years, but my opportunity to work with Summer was most unique! She kept me very informed of her findings and observations and explained why she wanted to proceed with every needle placement. She asked each step of the way if that resonated with me. Once I affirmed, she would proceed with her most gentle skill. I hardly felt the needle placement! The entire experience was one of working together rather than 'having something done' to me.  I was calm, peaceful and received tremendous relief from the body pain we were targeting. I am grateful to have Summer in my life.

Summer is a brilliant health care practitioner. She brings a rainbow of knowledge with a heart of kindness to help find the keys to unlock the mystery of your health! Treat yourself to an appointment. You will find it to be an investment in your health!"

~Roy Fleisher, LMT, Kirkland, WA


"We love Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil! It's a lifesaver for us. We can tell when we don't have any in the house -- and we don't let that happen any more!"

~Barb Foster, Medford, OR


Summer has been very helpful in supporting me as I continue on the GAPS diet. All the questions  and issues that are bound to come up have been addressed by Summer. Her knowledge and gentle support has been invaluable. I’ve been following the GAPS diet for 2 years and as a result of this and Summer’s helpful expertise, my overall health has dramatically improved. Significantly, my chronic herpes is much more manageable as a result of the GAPS diet. Thank you Summer, I am grateful."

~Andrea Davis, Oregon Coast


"We began consulting with Summer Waters after attending a GAPS class last June. Working together with Summer helped us navigate a transition from our diet of eating healthfully as we understood it, to a whole new way of eating to support immunity and overall well-being.

The sessions with Summer helped us develop confidence in the GAPS model; adapt it for our family's needs; prioritize the principles that would give us the most benefit; and most importantly, accept where we were starting from and help us make gradual changes without a sense of sacrificing beyond what we could realistically do.

We are dealing with autoimmunity issues and with a tendency toward inflammation. These conditions seem to have responded favorably to our work with GAPS. Additionally, our energy is steadier, our minds are calmer, our blood sugar levels are more stable.

 Summer knows the importance of diet from her own healing processes. This has cultivated her compassion and wisdom in offering care to her clients. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone to work with Summer, to find support in making important dietary changes that will only add joy and ease to your life.”

~Charlotte & Will Nuessle, Ashland, OR


"After suffering from sciatica pain for about six months, a friend recommended I see Summer Waters. Her acupuncture treatments were very effective controlling that pain. I also had a long standing problem with nausea. Summer used a combination of acupuncture, supplements, and diet advice which has eliminated the nausea. I am grateful for Summers gentle caring approach in practicing her chosen profession."

~Dan Miller, Rogue Valley, OR


“Great class tonight, I really enjoyed sampling all the fermented goodies! Thinking about making fermented veggies does not overwhelm me."

~Rose Tucci, Medford, OR


"I just want to thank you so much for all the great resources you've given us to help our son, Cameron. He's been thriving on the goats milk formula since the day we started it and the farmers we've connected with have been wonderful.

Thank you again for all of your help. Our little man is finally putting on weight and growing up to be a big strong boy! Home made formula is SO much better than the powdered junk! Once we made the switch our son's health & happiness improved immediately. Such a relief!!"

~Sarah Lee (& baby Cameron)


"I wanted to say the needles worked a treat on Tuesday.

The sickness I had been feeling, I felt I was unhealthily "compressing" into my sinuses. The treatment helped it spread out and allowed me to appropriately slow down. I definitely felt like my "old self" from the kidney tonification (treatment). I felt a few layers of anxiety peel right off and I felt way more grounded than I have in a long time. Things tasted and smelled different in good ways. It's kind of startling to feel just how disconnected I've been energetically prior to the treatment.”

~Bailley Brams, Berkeley, CA


"Thank you Summer.  I am grateful for all your support. Your encouraging, knowledgeable information has been invaluable. You are a treasure."

~Andrea Davis, Brookings, OR


On the Nourishing Foods Soup for the Soul Event January 8, 2015:

“When drinking the soup my body feels so nourished!” 

And on Summer's private consulations...

“Summer is thorough, caring, and so knowledgeable - above and beyond any practitioner I’ve gone to before.  She’s a wealth of information about (health) resources as well.” 

~Dr. Jodine Turner, Medfdord, OR


"I was quite ill when I first went to Summer. She was very compassionate, helpful and nurturing. Her expertise in assessment, nutrition, and holistic health was invaluable as I recovered from my acute illness. She gave me very practical advice and also educated me about ways that I can manage my health care. Not only did she give me nutritional support, but she also introduced me to a whole philosophy of health based on sustainable agriculture and cooking. She was very generous in her knowledge and time. I highly recommend her as a person and health practitioner." 

~Cathy DeForest, PhD Ashland, OR


"We first found Summer while seeking relief from severe nausea during pregnancy. What we discovered was that our assumed "healthy" lifestyle and diet was in fact, far from it. Summer pointed us in the direction of understanding truly healthy nutrition. We did not fully embrace what we learned initially, as it seemed "extreme" and different from what we had always been told through conventional channels. However, as our children grew, they ran into a series of health problems. The foundation that Summer provided gave us the means and initiative to research further into nutrition as a cure for bad health conditions of all types. From time to time we have relied on Summer's wisdom to guide us in this quest.

Today we have brought under control some serious health conditions in our children and in ourselves that would have become life long issues had we not taken the route we did. We have learned that healthy diet is not what we thought it was, and yet healthy diet is at the foundation of healthy living, especially for children. We thank Summer for being bold and pointing us down a road to good health and relief from health problems, even when we did not wish to listen. Her gentle guidance has saved us and our children from untold pain and suffering.  Today not only is our family healthier, and avoided some potentially severe issues, but even our young children have embraced a healthy lifestyle, setting them up for a longer happier life for themselves and our grandchildren.  Thank you Summer for being the lighthouse in a stormy world of health information.”

~Dave and Brenda S., Sam's Valley, OR


"A great big THANK YOU for turning me on to Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  I decided to try it after hearing you explain about the difference between fermented cod liver oil and other products on the market.  Not only is it easier to digest but I notice that it helps me digest and metabolize other vitamins and medications that I take. I especially like the fact that you know Dave, the owner of the company, and called him up to get additional information for me."

~Cheryl French, Ashland, OR


"Summer’s expert guidance, extensive knowledge, understanding manner and personal and professional experience have been a crucial help in furthering my path of natural healing.

By following her guidance I've renewed my belief in my own power of natural healing. Not just tooth pain, but other chronic symptoms have diminished or vanished following Summer's guidance. I feel the utmost confidence in her knowledge of diet and supplements, her ability to adjust and adapt depending on my feedback, and her willingness to support and coach me when inevitable times of fear and crisis arise.

She has a truly caring heart, wealth of knowledge and experience, and devotion to the healing and well-being of her clients. I know that Summer cares about me both as a client/patient and as a human being and friend, and in a society of impersonal medicine, that is the most precious healing gift of all."

~G. M. Ashland, OR


Summer offers a whole-body therapy, including acupuncture, nutritional therapies, and supplementation. After just my first session, I felt completely new! I felt balanced, open, and reenergized! I have since discovered additional underlying causes to these imbalances, and Summer’s insight, support, and healing therapies have been absolutely vital to my continual healing and rebalancing. It has been and likely will be a long road, but I am grateful I have Summer to walk with me on that path.”

~G.F., Medford, OR


Summer treated me for a sprained ankle and I was amazed… The pain was relieved immediately and the swelling was gone completely by the next morning.  I was not able to walk when I arrived.”

-Becky Hale, MS, psychotherapist, Phoenix, OR


“I have had a variety of acupuncture experiences, but felt the most profound shifts in my state of well-being during my acupuncture sessions with Summer.  She is a wealth of knowledge, and able to apply that knowledge to your specific needs.”

~A.D.S., White City, OR


Summer helped my overall health and fertility!”

~Jennifer J., Medford, OR


"A little over a year ago, I was in to see my doctor about my auto-immune disease.  I requested we try something different.  (He) recommended I see Summer Waters for a more natural approach to my disease.  I went to see her and she recommended two natural supplements which have worked extremely well.

At the time I developed this disease almost five years ago, I was having to take pain medication 24 hours a day every day.  After a couple of years, I was able to lower the amount to some pain medication every day.  After starting on the supplements the change was almost immediate.

In the past year I have taken 2 acetaminophen, that's it.  Thank you for recommending Ms. Waters."

~Bob F., Medford, OR


"Summer is the most influential person in my life in regards to learning what is possible with living food. Her approach is very gentle and she takes extra care to nurture folks with less awareness around diet and food choices. I feel blessed to have crossed her path and to have learned so much about food and sustainability."

~T.R., Ashland, OR


"Summer has a warm, inviting way of relating no matter what the situation.  Even when you are in pain, the feeling from her is always deep concern, showing through her attention and dedication.

The state of interior peace and love depends upon accord or alignment between patient and practitioner, so compassionate tuning is the skill felt most accurately during acupuncture.  The momentary dance of the fingertips on the knee and then a deliberate light pressure and move away. As the skin returns to shape in the next moment, an awareness of some difference is there. 

Pricking sensation happens rarely in my experience, instead there's a sensation of flowing like any awareness that causes a change - like sneezing, smiling, tearing, etc.  Sometimes acupuncture "hurts so good" and I am so interior in my perceptions it makes me moan or say "YES!  oh yes thank you!"

The next three days after my last acupuncture treatment I felt better than I had in months.  Knee pain had been in the 4 to 8 range with spots of 9 (yikes!!!) for weeks, but now I ran all over my farm for 3 days with the worst spots at 4 on the pain scale.  I took it easy on day one and felt ready for day 2, still happy on day 5.

I have been taking the Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) and Fermented Skate Liver Oil (FSLO) for a long time, and the consultation I got from Summer was abundantly helpful to my nutritional plan and budget.

I have much appreciation for Summer Waters in my heart, my thoughts and my BODY.... for her depth of study and devotion to every new finding, for her patient and comprehensive educational approach, and last not least, her presence and healing touch."

~Stella Jane, Eagle Point, OR


“What I loved about Summer's nutritional guidance is that she met me where I was at the time. She gave me practical, simple changes to make, including recipes and resources to gently guide me to the path of better health. Thanks to her understanding and genuine care, I am healthier than I have been in the past twenty years.”

~G.F., Doula, Medford, OR


"Working with Summer helped me regulate my homones pre-pregnancy, reduce and almost entirely eliminate my seasonal allergies, and has so far prevented my usual pattern of annual sinus infections. No more antibiotics and miserable sinus headaches for me! I felt an immediate difference in my overall health, energy, and well-being after I started implementing principles from our sessions.  Summer is great at working with you whenever you might be in your current nutritional habits to make realistic changes that fit into your lifestyle.  I highly recommend some time with Summer as even a few sessions can help create drastic changes in your health that can last throughout your life."

~Karen S., Ashland, OR


Summer Waters has been a godsend/goddess-send for me. I was eating a well-rounded, very healthy diet by most standards, yet I was in extreme need of help in addressing dental problems and my overall health.

Summer has been compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional in the dietary and other health counseling and other resources she has shared with me.

Her range of studies and breadth of experience fill a unique, needed niche in alternative healthcare and are enabling me to stick to the first steps needed”

~Y.P., Ashland, OR


Summer’s patience, fine-tuned ear, and knowledge were key in pinpointing problem areas that needed change. This new direction and timing helped prevent what would have been major suffering from diabetes. Instead, I have been able to manage my diet much more successfully, have lost seven pounds so far, and am feeling MUCH better.

Who would have dreamed that I actually like goat’s milk now, appreciate fermented foods and am wondering what good news will come next! ”

~Jane B., Costa Mesa, CA


“I love Summer! She is so knowledgeable and helped me and my little one come out of a painful heartbreaking situation. My baby had a lot of painful tummy issues due to my diet. After seeing Summer and sticking by her recommendations, I learned it was mostly due to wheat and grain sensitivity, as she suspected.  Big changes to make, but WOW! It completely solved all of our woes! This guidance seriously was a lifesaver to us. My baby is now happy and pain free! I felt better too, physically and mentally, knowing I am doing what is best for my baby. Other people noticed a huge attitude difference in baby also. I don’t know what we would have done without the life saving guidance of Summer, THANK YOU and we love you!”

~Jamie R., Rogue River, OR


“My daughter had chronic diarrhea, causing a lot of toilet training issues, until 2 days after we implemented changes suggested by Summer and then she went to the bathroom in the toilet for the first time! I was so happy for her I nearly cried!”

~Jessica S., Medford, OR

"I had an ongoing cough for years and never thought much could be done.  I went to Summer for a different reason and she asked if I had any other complaints and mentioned the cough.  She was able to make it go away with acupuncture.  I was very happy.  I recommend her."

~Elise Grissom-Fry, Medford, OR