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3 Easy Tips for Healthier Holiday Meals

The holidays are busy and my three tips are small changes you can make while preparing and enjoying your holiday meals to improve your health.

1. Use healthy fats. You hear me say it all the time, but it is vital to your health. Ditch margarine and use butter on the table and baking. Ghee is an excellent fat for cooking and baking. I use it in my chocolate almond pie crust. For those of you using shortening or crisco in your pie crusts, switch to palm oil which will give you the same flakey goodness. Coconut oil adds an extra level of depth in the flavor of your cakes.

2. Buy Pasture Raised and Grass-Finished Meats. Whether your family enjoys turkey or roast beef on the holiday table, go for animals that have been raised on diets their bodies were intended to consume. The meat will have a better Omega- 3/Omega-6 ratio, higher levels of minerals and vitamins and will taste better. For more on the nutritional superiority of  grass-finished and free-range click here.

3. Savor each bite. This means taking the time to enjoy the preparation of the food, sitting down in good company with good conversation and taking time to eat. Slow down, as much as you may think you need to hurry there is time. When you take a bite, do it thoughtfully and thankfully. Notice the textures and flavors, reminisce about your grandmother's deviled eggs, notice the crunch of the greens in your salad. When you slow down and pay attention to your food, it becomes less about quantity and more about satisfying your body. Your body will tell you what you need to eat and you will be aware of the cues that say , "I'm full." Over-indulgence, whether of sweets, savories or beverages is what makes us feel physically unwell and emotionally guilty the next morning. By savoring each bite, from preparation to eating, you will find your body and soul satisfied.

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